Paint and Paint Supplies

Mankato ReStore does not guarantee these items are still available.

This page shows items current as of Thursday, May 9th at 5:00 pm.

These are only an example of items in our store and is not an all-inclusive list. Our inventory is changing every day, so we encourage you to stop in and see our entire selection for yourself!

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Diamond Vogel

5 Gallon Buckets

White ceiling and wall paint

$40 each

Penofin Pentrating Oil Finish: $8/gallon


Keysperse and Aqualite

5 Gallon Buckets

Brown or Gray color

$10 each

Krylon Spray Paint, various colors: $2 each


We always have a great selection of interior and exterior paints, primers, stains, oils, and other similar products!




We also usually (but not always!) have a variety of the following items at any given time:

We are happy to accept payment over the phone, so if you see an item that you would like to purchase before it is sold to someone else, please call 507-388-6682 to check if it is still available and to purchase it right there on the phone!