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Mankato ReStore does not guarantee these items are still available.   This page shows items current as of Friday, September 20th at 4:30 pm.

These are only examples of items in our store and is not an all-inclusive list. Our inventory is changing every day, so we encourage you to stop in and see our entire selection for yourself!

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GE 2 Door Refrigerator: $450


GE Electric Stove: $200


GE Dishwasher: $50


GE Electric Dryer: $145


Hotpoint Electric Dryer: $125


Portable AC Unit: $150


Multiple Electric Ovens: $95


Whirlpool Electric Stove: $40


Kenmore Freezer: $150


Upright Freezer: $250


Upright Freezer: $150


Whirlpool Upright Freezer: $150


Electric Built In Stove: $60


Asko Dishwasher: $40


Kenmore Dishwasher: $20


Amana Dishwasher: $30



Vanity: $45

Cabinet Set: $25-$55 each

Cabinet: $65

Storage Chest: $25

Cabinet: $40

Cabinet: $60

Cabinet: $50

Cabinet: $40

Cabinet: $45

Cabinet: $55

Cabinet: $45

Gun cabinet: $300

Cabinet: $25

Cabinet: $25

Lazy Susan Cabinet: $25

Cabinet: $35

Cabinet: $45

Cabinet: $25

Cabinet: $45

Corner Cabinet: $40


TV Stand: $50

Couch: $65

Couch: $50

Table w/ 2 leaves: $45

Table w/ 1 Leaf: $35

Glider: $10

Rocking Chair: $15

Loveseat recliner: $65

Loveseat: $40

Loft Bed/Futon: $125

Hutch: $150

Hutch: $150

Hutch: $50

Black Chairs: $5 each (2 available)

Coffee Table: $35

Coffee Table: $15


Temperature Control Mug: $50

Trek Mountain Bike: $35

Various brand new drill bits: Various prices

Shovels: most are $3-$5

Tiller (Not Currently Working): $45

Window Insulation Kits: approx. $.50/sheet

Gas grill: $75

Tool chest: $45

Whirlpool Tub (has small crack): $75

New light fixtures: Various prices

Henry Flooring Adhesives $4 - $8 each

Black-Gold Tomato and Rose Fertilizer: $2/bag



Flea/Tick/Lice Killer - $2 each

Other Common Items

These are items that we usually (but not always!) have available in the store at any given time. We don't guarantee availability of any item, and this is not an all inclusive list. We have many more items in the store, and our inventory is constantly changing!

Small Hardware (Nails, Screws, Bolts, Washers, etc)

Castors (various sizes)

Hooks and Hangers



Pedestal Sinks

Bathroom Fixtures

Plumbing Hardware

Small Hand Tools

Variety of Exterior, Interior, Bi-fold, Patio, Screen, etc Doors

Door and Window Hardware

Variety of Windows


Vent Registers


Furnace Filters - $1 each

Sizes typically available:

25 x 25, 24 x 24, 20 x 20, 14 x 30, 12 x 24

String Trimmers

Garden Tools

Large variety of interior/exterior paint, stains, oils, finishes, etc


Variety of Flooring: $.50-$1/sq ft


Tile: approx. $.75/sq ft


Grout/Tiling Products


Switch and Outlet Covers - $.25 each


Light Switches and Outlets

Cords and Cables

Trim and Molding

4' and less - $1

6' - $2

8' - $3

10' - $4


Concrete Mix Bags - approximately $3/bag

Caulk and Sealant

Miscellaneous Lumber

Light Globes

Auto Belts

Auto Filters

Cleaning Supplies

Plastic Fittings

Wire Shelves

MaxLite LED Light Bulbs: $1 each or $3 for 4-pack

60 or 75 Watt

All brand new



Cabinet Doors and Hardware

Kitchen Sinks

Light and Ceiling Fan Fixtures

Light Fixtures

Light Bulbs

We are happy to accept payment over the phone, so if you see an item that you would like to purchase before it is sold to someone else, please call 507-388-6682 to check if it is still available and to purchase it!