Miscellaneous Items

Mankato ReStore does not guarantee these items are still available.

This page shows items current as of Friday, March 15th at 5:00 pm.

These are only an example of items in our store and is not an all-inclusive list. Our inventory is changing every day, so we encourage you to stop in and see our entire selection for yourself!

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Various surveying equipment

Tape measures, tripods, marking flags and paint, etc

Work Light: $30

3 in 1 Oil: $1.50 each

Locally Handmade Display Shelves: $15 each

Vintage Coca-Cola Bottles: $5 each/ $60 a case

Misc Pet and Animal Supplies

Folding Sewing Machine Table: $20

Sewing Machine Table with Chair: $45

We also usually (but not always!) have a variety of the following items at any given time:

Auto Belts

Auto Filters

Cleaning Supplies

We are happy to accept payment over the phone, so if you see an item that you would like to purchase before it is sold to someone else, please call 507-388-6682 to check if it is still available and to purchase it right there on the phone!